Interactive Mirror is probably useless, but cool anyway

Sometimes you hear about a gadget and know it's a gimmick right away. And even though I know that's what the Interactive Mirror from BlogLitStudios is, I can't help but be fascinated by it and want to play with really, really badly.

The Interactive Mirror, is in fact, interactive. And while there have been mirrors like this before–ones you can view the news on and such–this one rises a bit above. You can draw on it with your finger, zoom in on text at all sorts of crazy angles, try on T-Shirt designs before you ever have to physically put it on and more.

I can see this potentially useful in the changing rooms of retail clothing stores. However, we're probably a long ways away from that. It seems anyone that wants one of these projector-based mirrors can contact BlogLitStudios for more information. But no price is publicly listed. Check out the mirror below:

[via Coolest Gadgets]