Interactive map shows all of Apple's suppliers

If you think about companies that supply Apple with components for its various products such as the iPhone, iPad, and others it's easy to only think of China. Major Chinese manufacturing partners for Apple take most of the headlines such as Foxconn and others. However, Apple receives components for various products from multiple locations around the world.

David M Barreda from ChinaFile recently compiled a map using data from the updated list of suppliers that Apple released last month. This particular report offers the major manufacturing locations of suppliers providing raw materials and components or who perform final assembly for Apple products. The report is only the second time that Apple has released detailed information on suppliers, including addresses.

While Apple gets most of its components and final assembly from China and other locations within Asia, there are a number of suppliers outside of Asia. Apple lists 748 suppliers, and 600 of them are in Asia. 331 of those suppliers are located in mainland China. However, there are also a number of suppliers within the United States.

Apple lists 26 suppliers on the West Coast, 19 suppliers in the central US, and 37 suppliers on the East Coast. Apple also has 41 suppliers located in Europe and five in the Middle East. The map the publication created is very interesting and allows you to drill down on each continent that has multiple suppliers and find for those individual suppliers are located. For instance, drilling down in the data allows you to discover that Apple has a supplier located in Cheshire, Hazel Grove in the UK called NXP Semiconductor N.V.

[via ChinaFile]