Intelligent aliens are (probably) huge, says researcher

It is doubtful humans are alone in the universe, at least when it comes to intelligent beings, and one researcher claims the intelligent aliens that might be out there are probably very, very least in relation to the typical human. Huge, in this case, means somewhere in the realm of 650lbs, and could even be higher. This would place humans on the smaller end of the intelligent beings scale, and probably also means we'd lose in an intergalactic battle.

The claim comes from cosmologist Fergus Simpson, who recently released a paper detailing the reasoning behind it. The conclusion is made based on certain assumptions about the universe around us — the primary one being that organisms on planets other than our own likewise obey the laws of conservation of energy that we do.

If so, bigger animals will have lesser numbers than smaller animals due to their need for more resources, among other things. If this proves true, that means the number of small and large animals on other planets probably reflects the arrangement we see on Earth — more small animals than big ones.

Given this, it is then assumed most planets out there have smaller animals rather than bigger ones, and this logic is also applied to Earth...meaning we're probably on the smaller end of things rather than the larger, and that other intelligent beings on other planets could potentially be much, much larger.

SOURCE: Newsweek