Intel X3100 Chipset support found in Leopard install

Support for Intel's X3100 mobile graphics chipset could mean that Apple has plans for a quick and dirty MacBook hardware refresh. Apple has generally stuck with ATI or NVIDIA graphics for their Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, and iMac line-ups, and the X3100 is a mobile graphics solution, so that means either the MacBook or the Mac Mini are getting the update.

Regardless of which one it is, the X3100 graphics chipset only works on the Santa Rosa platform which means that Santa Rosa is either getting added to the MacBook, the Mac Mini, or Apple is releasing a new, slightly lower end, MacBook Pro. The latter is possible due to the rumors of an all aluminum (like the MacBook Pro's) 13" ultra portable being in the works, combined with the fact that the MacBook Pro's are the only mobile line of Apple's that already support the Santa Rosa platform.

Either way, we are very likely looking at a new ultra portable laptop with this graphics chipset being released soon. Not all that surprising considering Apple is known to have a Fall hardware update just about every year, so now its just a matter of time.

Leopard driver install may hint at future MacBook plans [via appleinsider]