Intel: We'd make custom chips possibly with rival cores

When it comes to the computer realm Intel supplies the vast majority of all the processors that are used inside computers today. When it comes to the mobile market with tablets and smartphones, Intel has no chips that can compete with rival ARM and others on low power consumption so it's not a force in those markets. Intel is apparently willing to consider making processors in its foundries using its high-end manufacturing tech that aren't based on Intel core designs.

This is a very significant thing for Intel and would allow the company to play in the markets that it is not a factor in without actually having to come up with a competing processor. Intel's CFO Stacy Smith said, "If Apple or Sony came to us and said 'I want to do a product that involves your IA (Intel architecture) core and put some of my IP around it', I wouldn't blink. That would be fantastic business for us." However, Smith also noted that allowing a competing core to be built in its factory would trigger "in-depth discussions."

Smith said, "There are certain customers that would be interesting to us and certain customers that wouldn't." In the end, Smith is certainly not saying yes, we would build non-Intel core processors inside out factories, but he is certainly leaving room to open the door to that if the right customer steps up with the right deal. Smith also noted, " Then [building non Intel cores] you get into the middle ground of 'I don't want it to be a IA core, I want it to be my own custom-designed core,' and then you are only getting the manufacturing margin, (and) that would be a much more in-depth discussion and analysis." It's also interesting that rumors of Apple moving to ARM processors for MacBooks have been floating around. Intel has also said that Apple shapes its roadmap. If Apple came to Intel and said we want an ARM core from your factory, Intel would have some serious thinking to do.

[via Reuters]