Intel Wants Custom Android Gingerbread For E Series Embedded Processors

Intel is apparently looking at getting a custom version of Android Gingerbread to give to third parties that are looking to build tablets and other devices that run Android on its Atom E series of processors. Apparently, the custom version would also support other Atom processors as well according to Carrypad. This would make sense with the popularity of Android and the fact that in the mobile game Intel is far behind the other players in the industry.

One of the biggest issues with the Intel processors for the mobile realm is that they tend to consume much more power than the competing chips on the market making the battery life with Intel processors less than with other processors under the hood. The tip that Intel wants the custom version of Android Gingerbread comes from a video, which can be seen at the bottom of this post about half way through.

The custom Gingerbread OS would be optimized for battery life on the Atom E series embedded processors. I wonder if optimizing the OS will be enough to make devices using the Atom processor have battery life on par with competing chip platforms on the market. What do you think, would a custom version of Android for Atom chips be enough to make Intel more competitive in the mobile space or will it take more?

[via Android Community]