Intel unveils new mobile processors and prices

Intel has offered up a few details and the pricing on some new mobile processors for notebook users. The new parts are in the Intel Core series with offerings in the Core i5 and Core i7 line. The update was offered yesterday and includes the Core i5-580M and the Core i5-560M. The 580M is a 2.66GHz CPU with dual cores and 3MB of L2 cache and will cost $266. The 560M runs at the same clock speed with a price of $225.

The differences between the 560M and 580M aren't spelled out, but may have to do with cache sizes. Intel is also talking up a new Core i5-560UM operating at 1.33GHz with 3MB L2 cache, dual cores, and using 32nm tech. That processor will sell for $250 and is aimed at ultrathin laptops and tablets.

The Core i7 parts include the 640M running at 2.8GHz with dual cores, four threads, and 4MB of L2 cache selling for $346. The Core i7-660LM will run at 2.26GHz for $346, and the i7-680UM is a 1.46 GHz offering and the more power efficient of the new Core i7 parts selling for $317. A couple new Celerons were unveiled too with the P4600 at $86 and the T3500 at $80.