Intel to power tablets set for Computex debut

Intel has been dominating the processor market for computers for years now with AMD far behind it in market share other companies with very little share in the notebook and desktop computer market. When it comes to other segments of the chip market like mobile processors, things are very different for Intel. Intel has had problems traditionally producing a mobile chip that would compete with offerings from ARM and others on power consumption.

Power consumption has to be low in a portable device or the battery doesn't last long enough, and consumers don't buy. Intel is actively working to move into the booming tablet and mobile device market and is working on new chips to facilitate that growth and competition with ARM. ARM is dominating the smartphone and tablet markets right now with its line of processors that sip power and offer good performance. The WSJ reports that at Computex in Taiwan later this month Intel will be powering several new tablet computers that will debut at the show.

The tablets will be offered by Intel's PC partners and others. Intel is getting set to launch a new processor line under the code-name Oak Trail that was specifically designed for tablets and to compete against ARM. Analysts still say that Intel has uphill battle thanks to the lack of strong partnerships in the mobile market. There has been a lot of talk the last few days about Microsoft's tablet plans, which were spilled by Intel. A Microsoft and Intel tie up could go a long way towards getting Intel into the tablet and smartphone market. Intel has also promised mobile phones using its processors by early next year. Intel's Navin Shenoy has said that 35 tablets are on track to ship this year using Intel chips.

[via WSJ]