Intel tips incoming Sandy Bridge processors

It's always a great time to be a computer geek when new products are inbound from Intel. The entire ecosystem of hardware including mainboards tends to be updated when new processors are coming and the Intel Sandy Bridge offerings that are inbound are bringing other cool hardware like mainboards with them.

One of the best-looking mainboards I have ever seen is the new Asus Sabertooth Sandy Bridge mainboard that is coming soon. We have also recently talked about some nice boards from Gigabyte that will support the new Intel processors. Intel has updated the line of Sandy Bridge processors that are coming with the unveiling of some new offerings.

Intel will launch some new SB parts under the Huron River platform that are low-power offerings. The new parts will include a Core i7-2640LM, 2620LM, 2630LM, and a 260LM. In addition to the Core i7 parts there will also be several Core i5 offerings including the Core i5-2530UM. The Huron River platform uses a 32nm Sandy Bridge processor and the QS67/GM67 chipset and has a combination of other technology like the Centrino Ultimate-N/Advanced-N 6000 wireless chips or the Centrino Advanced-N/WiMAX 6000. Huron River will also have support for WiDi wireless display as well. Along with the Core parts will also be a new Celeron processor called the B801.