Intel Thunderbolt development kits to ship this quarter

Intel and Apple have put Thunderbolt interface into the most recent version of the Mac notebooks that hit the market not long ago. So far, there are only a few products on the market that support the new interface, but that is changing. Many big companies are promising to support the interface like Canon for DSLR cameras and a lot more.

Intel has also made an announcement that will mean more products for the interface will be coming. Intel has announced that dev kits for Thunderbolt will be available this quarter. The dev kits for the interface will help companies looking to make peripherals and devices that connect to the interface design and get the gear onto the market quicker.

Thunderbolt has support for speeds of up to 10Gbps, which is enough for some serious data throughput. You could shoot a full-length HD flick across the interface in under 30 seconds. The interface supports PCI Express and DisplayPort protocols meaning one Thunderbolt port could be used for several different interface needs. Other than Apple and Canon, Sony, LaCie, Western Digital, and others are behind the interface.

[via PC World]