Intel rumored to be working on Thunderbolt Ultrabook dock

This is pretty interesting. We know that Apple and Intel worked together to bring Thunderbolt to the Mac line of notebooks. The interface is very fast and allows for all sorts of connectivity options. Word has surfaced that Intel is at work bringing the Thunderbolt port to its Ultrabook platform for use with a docking station.

Intel would need to get the notebook makers onboard for this. You can already dock notebooks using USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports. If you are an Ultrabook fan, this might sound like a good idea to you. The catch is if you buy this docking station specifically for Ultrabooks the dock isn't likely to work on your next computer.

The docking interface puts a wide dock connector that looks in the photos like the old parallel printer ports to me, right next to a mini Display port connector. The setup would run signals for multiple devices through one cable. I think Intel should just stick to USB 3.0 rather than trying to set up a new standard on their Ultrabooks that looks to be proprietary. Intel has been teasing Thunderbolt for Windows PCs for a while.

[via VR-Zone]