Intel Retail Experience stores launch on November 23

Intel is about ready to roll out temporary "experience" stores, which it calls pop-ups, that will provide local areas with access to various Intel technologies and devices. The temporary stores will begin showing up starting on November 23, and will continue to pop up in different regions until January 25, 2014, at which point they'll fizzle back into the silence.

The first pop-up Intel store will surface in NoLita, New York, opening at 10AM for all to peruse. Following this, more locations will open in different locations, according to Intel's John Wallace, who spoke to the press in New York today. We don't know where the other pop-ups will be appearing, but according to Wallace, an official press release will surface in the next handful of days that lists each region.

What we do know was presented in the form of a video, which you can check out for yourself above. The public is being lured in with a promise of free coffee, Friday movies, and local speakers, as well as some convenience and intrigue programs, like free device recycling and the ability for some to "test drive" products at home.

The stores will change three times a day, and will feature individuals and products as a part of Intel's Tech Distruptors program. There's no word yet on what kind of devices the public will be able to check out at the pop-up locations, but in the video we see some slates and laptops, and there's also one individual holding a handset. It doesn't appear you'll be able to purchase any devices, however, with the temporary stores serving more as a type of show and tell.

VIA: Engadget

SOURCE: Laptop Mag