Intel Pushes Cedar Trail/Oak Trail Chipsets for Tablets and Notebooks

At Google I/O this week, Google announced Android 3.1 to be officially released in June, giving us all hope that it will be more free with licensing the OS to tablet hardware vendors, and that we will see Honeycomb on more tablets. Google had previously only given licensing to Asustek, Acer, and Motorola for their tablets. Motorola has already updated the Xoom to 3.1. Google has also said that they will cooperate with Intel to get Oak Trail/Chrome or Cedar Trail/Chrome platforms for more Chromebooks.

Google has also announced that Google TV will support Android 3.1 as well.

At the same time, Intel is working closely with Google and with manufacturers to get its chips into tablets and into phones as well, instead of being relegated to only PCs, notebooks and netbooks. Acer, ASUS and Lenovo will all be launching Oak Trail/Android 3.1 tablets soon, further adding to consumer choice in the tablet market.

Acer, ASUS and Lenovo will also be launching Cedar Trail/Chrome notebooks in the second half of the year. We will be looking forward to trying those out and reviewing them when they appear. Especially with the merging of NVIDIA and Icera, Intel is making a major effort to make sure they are not shut out of the mobile processor market. NVIDIA's Tegra 2 has been the go-to processor for tablets, and Intel is pushing to have its x86 in more tablets going forward.

[via DigiTimes Systems]