Intel moving to 32nm process

On Tuesday Intel announced that it will soon be moving to a 32 nanometer process for its chips, that's down from the fairly recent 45nm process. This won't start having an effect until 2009 when they begin releasing the chips.

For now they are going to continue releasing new 45nm process chips, with an expected 20 in the first quarter of next year, and 15 more by the end of this year. They also showed off a new dual core 45nm process based chip that ran off 25 watts.

That chip is part of the Montevina platform that also includes WiMax. You might however see the smaller process chips before Intel releases them if a group of chip makers that is being led by IBM has their way. They grouped up in May of this year to work towards a 32nm process together.

Intel Chips to Shrink to 32-Nanometer Process [via PCWorld]