Intel has new chips with some odd model numbers

Intel is just in the middle of its regular processor release cadence but that doesn't mean it won't be launching some new chips in between. It has, in fact, added a total of 8 new processors, not only for its new 6th gen Skylake family but even for the previous line of Broadwell chips. Intel even has two new ultra-low voltage Celeron processors. The list, however, is populated by six chips whose model numbers are either rare or, in one case, has never been seen before.

Let's get the more "normal" chips out of the way. As far as pricing goes, the new Celeron 3855U and 3955U occupy the lowest rung of the ladder, both listed with a $107 tag. The two are successors of the 3215U and 3765U, both also ultra-low voltage or ULV mobile processors. The 3855U runs at 1.6 GHz while the 3955U goes for 2 GHz, both with two cores and 2M of L3 cache.

Next up are the Core i3-6098P and the Core i5-6402P. It's been a while since Intel used the "P" suffix, which it once reserved for variants of chips that didn't have integrated graphics chips, requiring users to specifically provide dedicated graphics cards. Intel might have decided to revive that naming convention again. The dual-core 6098P seems to be on par with the Core i3-6100 running at 3.60 GHz. The quad-core 6402P, on the other hand, slightly outperforms the Core i5-6400, running at 2.8 GHz.

The remaining four chips are the completely newcomers to the family, the mobile Core i5-5200DU, i5-6198DU, Core i7-5500DU, and i7-6498DU. Intel has reserved the "U" suffix for its ultra low power chips. How that differs from "DU" is still unknown at this point. In terms of specs, however, the four seem to have the same cores and L3 cache as their regular "U" counterparts.

Intel has not yet made known specifics of this new batch of processors, though we are most likely to hear about those soon, especially with CES looming over the horizon.

VIA: CPU World