Intel exceeded its workforce diversity goal in 2015

This week, Intel released its 2015 Annual Diversity Report, and it paints a picture a little brighter than that of many companies. Intel had previously set its focus on diversity, going so far as to set a specific goal, and it was able to announce that it was successful. The company went into details about how it managed to succeed in its ambitions, and also set its sights on something even more ambitious. By 2020, the company aims to have "full representation" across its workforce.

Intel had made a big goal for itself: it wanted to increase its rate of hiring underrepresented minorities and women by 40%. To the surprise of many, it exceeded that figure, announcing a final 43.1% percentage. This was a 1.8x increase year-on-year. Crunching the numbers further, Intel increased the number of underrepresented minority workers by 31%, accounting for 11.8% in 2015.

As well, the number of women the company hired increased by almost 43% in comparison to the previous year, representing 35% overall in 2015. The gap in female representation was narrowed, says Intel, having wrapped up 2015 with a 24.8% female workforce. This was a 5.4% jump year-on-year.

Now the company is looking to the future, and it anticipates big things. Says Intel, its 2016 goal is a 45% diverse hiring rate in the United States with the addition of a "sub-goal" seeking a 14% hiring rate of underrepresented minorities. Said Intel's chief executive Brian Krzanich:

I have two daughters. They're both technically very bright. I want them to come into a workplace that's a better place than the way the workplace is today.