Intel Debuts 10-Core Xeon E7 Processors

Rue Liu - Apr 5, 2011
Intel Debuts 10-Core Xeon E7 Processors

Intel today announced a new family of Xeon E7 10-core dual-threaded processors. The Xeon E7 is intended for both servers as well as very high performance computers and is Intel’s first chip to surpass eight cores.

The new ten-core chip supports up to 20 threads and is up to 40 percent faster and more energy efficient. Portions of the chip can be shut down when not being used, such as when there’s only a light load on the processor.

The Xeon E7 chip is based on the 32 nanometer manufacturing process, has 2TBytes of main memory, and 30Mbytes of last-level cache. The chip will be launched in 10 different versions with prices ranging from $774 to $4616.

[via Electronista]

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