Intel cuts workforce - enters new markets

Intel has announced that they will be laying off nearly 1,000 workers in an effort to refocus their business strategies.

This isn't the first round of layoffs, and won't likely be the last. Since the first quarter of 2006 Intel has trimmed its workforce by 11,000 people. Overall, this will save them $2 billion this year, and $3 billion in 2008. The company claims that this will allow them to focus on efficiency and cost while entering new markets.

One such new market is for smaller, cost-effective, low-voltage processors that can be used in ultra-mobile PCs, MIDs, entertainment devices like the Apple TV and low-cost PCs for developing countries. They are hoping to spearhead this new market by launching their 45-nanometer processors due to arrive in the second half of this year.

Smaller Intel reaches for new chip markets [via infoworld]