Intel Connected Cars Have a Mind of Their Own

Evan Selleck - Jul 5, 2010
Intel Connected Cars Have a Mind of Their Own

Smart cars aren’t a new idea. We’ve seen plenty of different ideas out there, but this new idea from Intel may just cross the line. When we think about our smart cars, we think about vehicles that are able to keep an eye on the road for us and help us, not necessarily take over for us entirely. But Intel’s got a different idea, and unfortunately for the rest of us, they’ve got the means to make these things happen.

Intel had one of their Research Days recently, and one of the new ideas that made an appearance was their new Connected Car. The basic idea is that the vehicle will record crucial data while you drive. Things like your speed, location (including your location on the road), as well as your steering methods and braking tendencies. So, if you do find yourself in an accident, it will be able to compile all of the relevant information regarding the cause of it, and send the information to the police as well as your insurance company. Basically, sounds like there won’t be much room for argument if you find yourself the cause of one of those accidents, and you’re in one of Intel’s new cars.

We’re fans of technology everywhere we can find it, but there has to be a line that we draw in the sand. And while having our cars constantly connected, much like we are, may not be a bad thing at all, it all depends on how it’s used. For example: if you find that you’re not following the rules of the road on your own, Intel’s Connected Cars will take over. That’s right. Start swerving a bit too much, and you’ll quickly find that you aren’t in control of things anymore.

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