Intel Atom N2600, N2800, D2500, D2700 CPUs quietly break cover

At some point over the weekend, Intel quietly slipped some new processors onto its website along with some of the existing parts. The new processors are low power parts that slurp down little power and seem to be aimed at netbooks and nettops. The new processors include the D2500 and D2700 desktop parts and the N2600 and N2800 parts for netbooks. With anything portable that has limited space for battery power, power miserly processors are a big deal.

The N2600 runs at 1.8GHz to 1.6GHz and has a TDP of under 3.5W making it slurp very little power. The N2800 processor is a 2.13GHz to 1.86GHz part and has a TDP of 6.5W. Moving to the desktop parts the D2500 can operate at 2.13GHz to 1.86GHz and has a TDP of 10W max. The D2700 on the other hand is a 2.4GHz to 2.13GHz part with the same 10W max TDP.

The N2600 is reported to need only 1.1W of power to operate on average. There is no word on when we will see these new processors inside a netbook or desktop system at this time. I would bet with the processors on the Intel site there are already machines in the works with computer makers that will be coming soon.

[via Mobility Magazine]