Intel announces 45nm CE4100 SoC for Internet TV

Intel pulled the wraps off a new SoC at IDF designed to support Internet TV. The new SoC is built on a 45nm process and is called the Intel Atom CE4100. The part is the newest in the Intel line of SoC media processors and is designed to offer Internet content and services on devices like Digital TVs, DVD players and set-top boxes.

The CE4100 processor was codenamed Sodaville and is the first 45nm CE SoC based Intel architecture processor. The chip supports Internet and broadcast applications on one chip and has the power needed to run rich media apps and 3D graphics.

The SoC supports full-feature software framework called Widget Channel for the development of internet applications or TV widgets. Intel reports that networks like CBS are expanding the support they provide for Internet widgets. The processor will be offered in speeds of up to 1.2GHz and is backwards compatible with Intel Media Processor CE 3100 technology.