Insteon LED bulb adds home automation twist

LED bulbs may be brighter and more efficient than traditional alternatives, but they're also far more expensive. How about adding some extra features on top to try and justify the price? That's what Insteon has done with its new LED bulb, which incorporates dual-band technology so that the bulb acts as a network repeater. It can then communicate with controllers and remotes using RF, and even over Powerline using a SmartLinc Hub.

The bulb can be paired with controllers, motion sensors, and traditional switches, with no limit as to the amount of devices you can use. Multiple bulbs can also be paired with one single controller if you want to switch everything on and off at once. To be able to control bulbs using your smartphone, the company offers SmartLinc Hub which communicates via RF, but plugs into a wall socket to communicate with your computer, smartphone, or tablet using Powerline technology.

As for the bulb itself, the 8W offering is said to be comparable to a 60W to 100W incandescent bulb. The ability to pair it with Insteon's controllers should make it an interesting prospect for those tuned into home automation. How much will a bulb set you back? $29.95, and they're available right now.

[via Electronic House]