Instagram's updated Stories design for desktop finally arrives

Following a test that first revealed the change a few weeks ago, Instagram has officially rolled out its updated Stories design on desktop. The new interface is a relatively small change from the previous iteration, making it easier for users to browse Stories from their laptop or desktop.

As we first saw earlier this month, the updated Stories for desktop feature provides Instagram users with a carousel-type design that shows both upcoming videos and the ones you recently watched. This makes it easier for users to control the media they watch while on their desktop.

Users can click on the videos that are visible in the carousel to skip to the ones they're interested in. The update is fairly minor but improves the experience for those who often watch Stories using a web browser rather than their mobile device (which still offers the best experience).

Many people browse Instagram on desktop while at work where pulling out a phone may be prohibited or too conspicuous. Instagram has slowly expanded its features for desktop users, including making it possible to access DMs on the web.

Stories are, of course, the ephemeral videos and images that users can share in a space other than their news feed. This content disappears after a relatively short period of time and is great for those posts you want others to see, but that you don't want to drop into your followers' feeds.