Instagram's logo redesign process detailed by Mackey Saturday

It's always fun getting a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into the apps and services we use daily, showing us how the professionals behind it work and what they have in mind while working. Back in March, for example, we got a rather detailed look into how the Facebook News Feed redesign was developed. Instagram recently tweaked its design, and now designer Mackey Saturday has given a statement – and a few pictures – of the work process.

Over on, Mackey Saturday posted the redesigned Instagram logo late last week, along with a more detailed look at it in long-JPEG format and with a couple paragraph write up. Says the designer, who hails from Denver, he worked alongside Instagram's team to make the redesign, which anyone who has used the app more than a few times will recognize instantly as being both very similar and uniquely different.

The goal, says Mackey Saturday, was to create a new logo that kept all the things familiar to the mega-popular photo app, but changing it in such a way that it becomes more refined and "durable," and that likewise took the service's brand to the next level, making expansion in the future possible. The original logo, according to the designer, was used to heavily inspire the new logo.

Not leaving it at just a few paragraphs, he also attached an image to the post that included several images connected together, including close-ups of the new Instagram logo in various states of creation, as well as a sketchbook with pencil sketches of the letters, and someone – the designer we presume – in front of a wall plastered with logo printouts.

[via Digital Trends]