Instagram will start blurring 'sensitive' photos in feeds

Instagram has announced that it will start blurring photos determined to be 'sensitive' in nature so that they don't appear as-in in users' feeds. This move is designed to make Instagram a 'safe environment' for users who may not want to see the sensitive content, though that content itself isn't in violation of the company's rules. The same blurring effect will be applied to videos that Instagram decides are sensitive in nature.

The blurring effect won't be applied immediately, but will instead depend on whether users flag the photo. A flagged photo will be reviewed by Instagram's team, and if it is determined to be acceptable for the service but sensitive in nature, the blurring effect will be applied.

Once applied, this blurring effect will prevent Instagram users from seeing the content of the photo or video as they scroll through their feed. A warning will be overlaid onto the blurring effect warning that the post is 'sensitive content' with a larger message about its potential upsetting nature.

The warning reads, "This photo contains sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing." Tapping the photo or video will then remove the blurring effect so that you can use it anyway. Finally, as a small note amidst this larger announcement, Instagram says that it has made two-factor authentication available for everyone.

SOURCE: Instagram Blog