Instagram tests personal fundraising tool in US and UK

Facebook has announced that it is testing personal fundraisers on Instagram, allowing users to raise money for the causes they support. This feature joins the similar fundraising option offered on the main Facebook platform, the company points out, though it is limited to users in certain regions at this time. Users with access to the test will see the new option in their Edit Profile settings.

Personal fundraisers are exactly what they sound like — an effort to raise money for something that the user personally cares about or needs, including for themselves, a friend or family member, charities, and similar things. Facebook is testing the feature with users in the US, UK, and Ireland at this time.

According to the company, anyone who can use Instagram's donation sticker to donate is eligible to donate to personal fundraisers, as well. Users can create their own funding effort by heading to the Edit Profile menu and choosing 'Add Fundraiser > Raise Money.' Instagram presents different categories for the effort and lets followers donate through Stripe.

Facebook notes that personal Instagram fundraisers will be reviewed to make sure they're eligible to run on the platform; donations can't be accepted until the fundraiser is approved. The personal fundraisers will run for 30 days, but users have the option of indefinitely extending them.

Anyone age 18 and older (assuming they're in the test, of course) can create a personal fundraiser, according to Facebook. If you donate to one of these fundraisers, the creator will be able to see your profile name and username, but the donations themselves can be kept private.