Instagram tests cleaner, simplified user profile design

Brittany A. Roston - Nov 21, 2018, 4:57pm CST
Instagram tests cleaner, simplified user profile design

Instagram is testing redesigned user profiles that enable users to “better express” themselves and connect with other users. The company says that some of its users may be seeing the new design at some point in the next several weeks, either on their own profile or others. The changes include re-arranged buttons, icons, and tab navigation.

Instagram describes the redesign as a re-arrangement; the familiar elements are still there, but things have been shuffled around. The end result, Instagram hopes, is cleaner and easier to navigate than the existing profile design. There won’t be any changes to the user content that shows up in the profile’s grid.

The current Instagram profile shows the user’s avatar to the left, as well as a row of posts, follower, and following numbers, with the account’s description and links beneath them. The redesign moves the avatar to the right of the description and puts the numbers beneath the description and links.

As well, tabs are now easier to navigate; they appear above the photo and video grid, including things like “Posts” and “IGTV.” The redesign provides direct access to everything a visitor may hope to find, including a prominent Message button and list of mutual followers.

Instagram says it plans to test the redesigned profile “in phases and different combinations,” though it’s unclear what it means by the latter point. The tests will take place over the next several weeks, so users should expect to see some changes, but won’t necessarily get them immediately.

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