Instagram Suggested Posts add extra personalized content to feeds

Instagram has rolled out a new element called Suggested Posts that places personalized content in each user's feed, displaying it at the bottom of the latest posts where they encounter the 'All Caught Up' message. The new suggested posts feature more content to scroll through, things Instagram thinks the user will like based on the kind of content they usually like, share, and view.

Instagram users follow a number of accounts, of course, and these accounts publish a variety of images and videos. The platform presents this content in non-chronological order in the content feed, which users scroll through to rapidly view and like content.

When the user scrolls through all of the new content from the accounts they follow, they're eventually presented with a checkmark and a note that they're all caught up. Starting today, Instagram now shows 'Suggested Posts' beneath this All Caught Up box, giving them additional content to scroll through and, potentially, new accounts to follow.

This move ensures users stay on the platform longer and is presented as a way to help them find new content relevant to their interests. Of course, users also retain the ability to go back through older content if they wish, meaning posts that are older than two days, depending on how many people the account follows and how often those users post content.

Not surprisingly, the suggested posts will also include advertisements, giving Instagram a new way to monetize its social platform. It's unclear how many users regularly scroll to the bottom of their feeds and how many would be inclined to continue browsing additional content rather than switching over to Snapchat or TikTok.