Instagram Stories get mentions and Boomerang mode

Instagram has announced Boomerang mode for Stories; with it, users can generate mini videos composed of photos stitched together. The Boomerang videos play forward and backward, and can be shared as part of a larger story. Joining Boomerang mode is the addition of "@mentions" to stories, making it possible to mention other users the same way you would in a comment or caption. Instagram is also making it easier to 'see more' things related to stories.

According to Instagram, Boomerang mode is available directly in the stories camera — you can find it via the format picker located beneath the record button. Choose the mode and you'll then tap record to take a burst of photographs. The app will stitch those photos into a short video, and it'll play backwards as well as forwards.

If there's a particular Instagram user you really want to see your stories, you can now mention them in a story using the "@" mentions — just type "@" followed by their username. The mention will be selectable; others who tap it will get a popup that directs to the user's Instagram profile. Those mentioned in stories will get a Direct notification unless they're mentioned by someone they don't follow — those notifications end up in the message requests instead.

Lastly, Instagram is testing a new feature for verified accounts that enable them to add a "See More" link at the bottom of their stories. This link can take the user to other content, such as an article related to something, an artist's website, and other things. It isn't clear how widely this feature is being tested, nor whether it will go on to be a widely available option.

SOURCE: Instagram