Instagram puts Apple Watch library on GitHub for all to see

There are plenty of resources for building a version of an app for the Apple Watch. You can find tutorials and lessons all over the Internet, but if you've ever been curious how the big boys do it, Instagram is here to help. No, we're not suggesting you check out a bunch of filtered pics showing code. Instead, head over to GitHub, where the Instagram team has posted the library they're using for Apple Watch, which is free and open to all.

The library — IGInterfaceDataTable — aims to make "configuring tables with multi-dimensional data easier." In a nutshell, they're here to make your slightly more complex Apple Watch app design a bit easier to execute. You're provided a clean example of what Instagram feels are best practices for a multi-view Apple Watch app.

Speaking to VentureBeat, Instagram's Ryan Nystrom said "The Apple Watch platform and WatchKit are brand new, and like with any evolving platform, there are new sets of tools and challenges. We're really excited to be one of the first apps on the platform, and were able to build some solutions that we think will help other people build their apps more quickly and easily. We've been able to build on open source technology at Instagram, so it's exciting for us to contribute, too."

Instagram's library is easy to install using CocoaPods, or can be implemented by copying the files into your target. As Apple Watch is a new platform, Instagram has also included some handy reference guides for using their library.

Source: GitHub

Via: VentureBeat