Instagram now shows which accounts you ignore the most

If you've contemplated cleaning up your Instagram follows but aren't sure where to start, the company's new feature will be particularly convenient. The service has introduced a new feature that gives users a direct look at the accounts they interact with most often, as well as the accounts they follow but mostly just ignore. The list includes controls for quickly unfollowing the accounts.

As the images below show, tapping the 'Following' tab will show two new options at the top of the list: "Most Shown in Feed" and "Least Interacted With." Both are self-explanatory with the latter arguably being the most useful. Each category can be used to adjust and tailor your Instagram experience.

For example, if you find accounts you're not particularly interested in on the 'Most Shown' list, you can unfollow them so they don't continue to appear in your feed. The "Least Interacted" option, meanwhile, makes it possible for users to find and unfollow the accounts they're already ignoring, parring down the following list without negatively impacting the experience.

Of course, it also remains possible to scroll down through the list or to sort the entire list based on different filters. This is ultimately a simple but welcome management tool that will best appeal to Instagram users who are following a large number of accounts.

This is the latest feature Instagram has added to its service. In recent weeks, the company started testing a UI change that brings direct messages to desktop, though it was only made available to a small number of users. As well, the company recently scrubbed the IGTV icon from its main mobile app.