Instagram multi-photo albums being tested on Android app

Instagram is testing a new feature that will enable users to share multiple photographs in an album, doing away with the need to create collages to group photos together. The feature isn't officially available in any capacity to the average user, but it has begun cropping up for some Android users in Instagram version 10.7.0. The albums created with this feature cannot be published live at this time.

The Instagram app was updated today in the Google Play store, with the changelog showing that it has received 'Holiday Fun' stickers, hands-free video, text enhancements, and general stickers. There's no mention of the multi-photo album feature, but some users are seeing it anyway.

Per those users and the screenshots they have shared, it appears several photos can all be selected for publication on Instagram within a single album. Selecting those photos allows them to be edited one after the other within the app's editor before publication.

Instagram is not advertising the feature to users at this time, and anyone who tries to use the album will hit a roadblock at the publishing part of the arrangement. However, you may be able to use the feature yourself if you're updated the app, at least giving a look at what is apparently in the pipeline.

SOURCE: Droid-Life