Instagram is testing a 'follows you' feature on Android

It appears Instagram will finally add a 'follows you' feature that makes it possible to see whether another user is following you on the social network. This feature has popped up in testing for users in the Android app, though it doesn't seem to be widespread at this time. The new 'follows you' tag appears on the the Instagram user's bio page, though if you're not seeing one now, the feature simply may not be available to you yet.

The feature is similar to the one found on Twitter, and it aims to make it easy to see which people are following your account without having to scroll through the (possibly massive) list of followers. You'll know someone is following you just by clicking on their profile and looking for the two simple words, "follows you."

It's a simple feature, one that should have been added to the service a long while ago. Why the company waited so long to introduce the feature isn't clear, but that doesn't really matter this point. How widespread the feature's test is wasn't revealed, nor when we can expect to see this become a normal item on user profiles.

Of course, it does come with the potential downside of drama if you unfollow someone and they happen to notice via the lack of a 'follows you' tag. Such is the nature of online relationships, and no doubt the benefits of having this tag will, for most users at least, outweigh the potential complications.

SOURCE: Mashable