Instagram is rolling out reordered feeds throughout June

Back in March, Instagram worried its users by announcing plans to reorder their feeds to show them the content its thinks they want to see. This caused a huge, probably unanticipated, backlash from users didn't want the company to meddle. Instagram had to backtrack a bit, promising that it wasn't going to do anything drastic and nothing soon. Now the time has finally come whether you're ready for it or not — in a statement on Thursday, Instagram announced it is rolling out the reordered feeds to everyone.

The idea behind reordered feeds is that as more people follow other people, it gets difficult to see everything — in fact, unless you're monitoring your Instagram feed constantly or always scrolling back to find what you missed, you're not going to see everything. Instagram says that "on average," you and everyone else are missing out on 70-percent of your feed.

Instagram has been testing the reordered feeds with some users, and it says that "people are liking photos more, commenting more," and engaging with their overall Instagram community in more ways. The change promises to show you the things you definitely want to see, prioritizing them over the things you probably don't care about — you'll see your favorite band's photo, for example, but you might not see that sixth picture of someone's boring lunch.

Throughout June, Instagram will be rolling out this reordered feed to all of its users — you may not notice, or you may notice that you're seeing more stuff you like...hopefully you won't find that it has a negative effect, as the critics worry. Can't get enough Instagram? Check out the timeline below for more recent news!

SOURCE: Instagram Blog