Instagram developing tool that'll let users download their data

Instagram is currently developing a tool that will enable users to download their account data, a feature that'll mirror the similar "Download your info" tool available on Facebook. The downloadable data will include photos/videos the user has shared on the platform, as well as messages posted and sent. The tool will mark a big change for the company, which historically had made it difficult for users to download their own content.

Facebook has long offered a tool that enables users to download their account data, but Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) still lacks one. However, a company spokesperson recently told TechCrunch that it is working on a data portability tool that will enable users to "download a copy of what [they've] shared on Instagram..."

Based on the official comment, it sounds like the tool may be limited to the "big" data — image, photos, and messages, leaving other things like follower lists and stories behind. The company hasn't confirmed whether that is the case, though.

Another big question is whether the downloaded videos and photos will be in the full resolution they were uploaded or a compressed resolution that won't make them suitable for easily switching to an alternative service. Instagram told TechCrunch that it'll have more of these details available in the future.

Assuming the downloaded data is robust enough, this is a win for users who can use the feature as a backup tool and a way to simplify leaving the service for another.

SOURCE: TechCrunch