Instagram could hit Windows Phone before Android

If you are an iPhone user, you have probably heard of Instagram and many of you will have used it before. The app was named the top app of the year by Apple and has 15 million users right now. You can bet there are many users on to her smartphone brands that are looking for the app to hit their preferred OS.

With the popularity of Android right now it would be the OS most expect Instagram to come to next. In fact, CEO of the Instagram app maker Kevin Systrom has promised in the past that the app will come to Android. However, Android might not be the next OS that the app will target. Fast company reports that a source has tipped that the next OS to get Instagram might be Windows Phone.

According to the source, the Windows Phone team may have been working with the Instagram peeps. This is far from confirmed right now, but it wouldn't be a surprise given the sort of money Microsoft has to throw at devs and projects. Since Microsoft is enforcing some standards for hardware, perhaps Instagram is also thinking that there will be less fragmentation in the Windows Phone 7 environment. Not all apps work equally as well across all Android devices.

[via FastCompany]