Instagram brings portrait and landscape photos to batch posts

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 30, 2017, 5:03 pm CDT
Instagram brings portrait and landscape photos to batch posts

It wasn’t too long ago that Instagram introduced the ability to share more than one photo in the same post, and now it is improving that feature. Going forth, and assuming you’ve updated to the 12th version of Instagram on iOS or Android, you can upload more than one photo in the same post even if they have a landscape or portrait orientation, building upon the ordinary square that was previously supported.

Support for multi-image posts went live on Instagram this past February. The feature makes it possible to group either photos or videos together into a single post so that viewers can see them all together. This comes in handy for things like parties — maybe it is your child’s first birthday and you want all the top photos posted together on your Instagram.

The feature allows users to share up to ten videos or photos in a single post. Anyone who pulls up the post will be able to swipe through all of them one after the other. When this feature went live, users only had the option of sharing images and videos that were square, the company’s most common format. Landscape and portrait are more common in general, though, and now anyone can use them in these types of Instagram posts.

Instagram advises that while you can use either square, landscape or portrait photos in batch posts, you have to pick one and stick with it — you can’t use a mixture of these because it’ll mess up the browsing experience. The feature is live now for anyone who grabs the updated app from their respective app store.

SOURCE: Instagram Blog

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