Instagram adds 3D Touch feature to Android version of app

When Apple released their latest generation of iPhones, one of the new features they included was 3D Touch. If you're not familiar, 3D Touch allows the phone to register just how much pressure is being applied by your finger, and translate that into a new form of input. What's interesting is that the addition of this new method of input has actually lead to one app maker releasing a new feature on the Android version of their popular app.

One of the first apps to take advantage of Apple's 3D Touch was Instagram. By utilizing 3D Touch, users can preview images in their searches by simply pressing harder on the screen. Of course, this couldn't translate to an Android phone, since they don't have this specific capability, right?

Instagram actually realized that they didn't actually need pressure-sensitivity to make this feature work on an Android phone. Instead, in the latest version of the app, they enabled this same feature, but instead of pressing harder on the screen, you only need to long press on a thumbnail to preview it. You can even move your finger down and like or share an image by continuing to hold your finger down.

It's nice to see that innovation by one company can still lead to new features being available to people on different platforms.

VIA: AndroidPolice