Instacart teams with ALDI to pilot EBT SNAP same-day grocery option

On-demand delivery service Instacart has announced a new partnership with ALDI that brings same-day grocery deliveries and pickups to EBT SNAP recipients, giving them access to a safer, more convenient — and in some cases, vital — service. The support will be rolling out to ALDI stores in select markets soon with additional markets added in the near future, eventually totaling more than 570 grocery stores.

Grocery deliveries and pickups have become a key way for the public to get groceries during the coronavirus pandemic, enabling people to socially distance while still getting the goods they need. These online ordering and delivery services are largely unavailable to EBT SNAP benefits, however,

This is unfortunate as some SNAP recipients are in at-risk groups for COVID-19, including those who have preexisting health conditions. As well, some SNAP recipients struggle with adequate transportation, forcing them to purchase only a small amount of groceries at a time in order to take them on a bus. Grocery delivery is an important service for these people.

Under its new partnership, Instacart says it will provide EBT SNAP participants with access to same-day online grocery delivery and pickup from ALDI stores. Around 60 ALDI stores in Georgia will offer this new option to SNAP recipients 'in the coming weeks,' according to Instacart, which says that the availability will expand to cover more than 570 ALDI stores in Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, and Florida in coming months.

Ultimately, Instacart says that it is 'committed to being a long-term solution for EBT SNAP households nationwide.' Customers will be able to access SNAP-eligible products through the Instacart website when the service arrives in their market.