Insta360 ONE R action cam's latest feature drop adds new AI PureShot mode

Insta360 has announced the third major software update for its ONE R modular action camera. It has been less than a year since the first of these three major updates were released, underscoring the rapid rate at which the company is evolving its action cam. This is a feature drop update with the most notable among the changes being a new AI-powered PureShot shooting mode that works to boost image quality by suppressing noise and enhancing dynamic range.

The Insta360 ONE R is a modular action camera that is billed as a model capable of adapting to the action. The camera comes in two variants: the ONE R Twin Edition and the ONE R 1-inch Edition Co-Engineered with Leica. The latter, as its name suggests, includes a 1-inch image sensor alongside the modular design, 5.3K video capture, FlowState stabilization, Starlapse mode, reversible touch screen, hyper-lapse capabilities, and more.

Insta360 released the third major feature drop for the camera model on Monday, adding higher-bitrate support, a more vivid default color profile, a post-capture AquaVision mode that uses AI to balance underwater content, as well as improved wind reduction capabilities that cut down on unwanted noises. The audio feature also received an important update for Apple users, offering voice control via Apple's AirPods.

In addition, the update brings PureShot, an AI-powered shooting mode offering the best image quality possible from the camera. This feature replaces the need to capture and combine multiple images using auto exposure bracketing, simplifying the process for users who often snap images at night.

A number of other features have also arrived in this update, including support for using the Insta360 ONE R as a webcam and live streaming in 360-degree mode. The 360 Live streaming option enables viewers to control the stream perspective, while Reframe Live gives that control to the streamer. The company has also sped up the workflow for capturing videos in MP4 format when using the 1-inch Mod or 4K Wide Angle Mod.

Insta360 founder JK Liu said in a statement:

When you buy an Insta360, you're not just buying innovative hardware. Constant updates are part of the package with any Insta360. And in this latest large update, we're bringing cutting-edge AI innovations to our creators to make their cameras – and their content – even better over time.

The software update is available to Android and iOS Insta360 users now.