Insane "Bomb Voyage" Super Mario Maker level finally beaten

Any gamer who has been around since the '80s or enjoys retro games will have memories of the original Super Mario Bros and the frustration that came with trying to beat some of the levels. It was enough to make you yell at the Super Nintendo and throw your controller around the room. Nintendo rolled out Super Mario Maker to allow fans to make up their own Super Mario levels and some of them are very hard.

One of the hardest is a level called "Bomb Voyage" and about 11,000 attempts were made to beat it. With all those gamers trying and failing to complete the level, someone finally finished it.

The player who performed the feat is a Twitch gamer called PangaeaPanda and the play footage was recorded for everyone to check out. To say this is a hard level would be an understatement.

To beat the level the player had to be incredibly precise. After 11,000 people failing to beat the level it's quite the feat for the player, but I have to wonder what the designer of the level will do next to frustrate gamers and challenge them. Check out the video below to watch the full level play through.

SOURCE: TheNextWeb