inPulse smartwatch gets Facebook Places check-in for Android devices

Facebook is certainly a cool service, but I don't think the people that know me want to know where I am at all times. I am not a user of Facebook Places, but I know many folks that are. If you are a major Facebook Places fan that happens to own an Android smartphone, a new app for the inPulse smartwatch has been unveiled that you might make you want to wear a watch again.

The app comes from inPulse Lead Designer Eric Migicovsky and it adds the ability to check-in with Facebook Places with a single button right from the smartwatch. The watch communicates via Bluetooth with the Android smartphone that uses its data connection to access the Facebook Places service.

The watch will show the user a list of local places that they can check in and the user can choose a place from the list all with a single button. That beats having to pull your smartphone out of your pocket and navigate through multiple screens to check-in for sure. After the user checks-in, the watch shows a conformation message.

[via Android Community]