Innvo Pleo baby dinosaur gets updated and new colors

Shane McGlaun - Oct 18, 2010
Innvo Pleo baby dinosaur gets updated and new colors

My kids each have one of the original Pleo baby robots that were green. The little baby dinosaurs are sort of like robotic pets that will responded to your voice, eat fake leaves and explore their area. The company behind the Pleo has unveiled a new updated version of the dinosaur robot that is called the Pleo reborn or Pleo RB.

The new dinosaur looks like the old version, but rather than green, you can get the new bot in blue or pink colors relating to the sex of the dinosaur. The new Pleo RB will have ten different eye colors and the skins will be randomized for dinosaurs that are more distinctive. Each of the new offerings will also have seed personality and they will be different with some being happier and others being sadder.

The new design also knows the time of day and will alter its behavior to suit the time of day by wanting to be fed in afternoons and being sleepy at night. The baby dino can also smell RFID tags and it will respond to the owner’s voice when they call its name. It has more touch sensors, a G sensor, and the nose cam allows for target tracking. The motor speed and response are also improved. The dino can also be hurt if dropped and will cry.

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