InkCase i7 gives the iPhone 7 an e-ink screen on the back

The YotaPhone seems to have struck a chord among some smartphone users. The ability to have some information, or picture, always on display even when the phone's screen itself is off definitely useful. And having a handy ebook reader with you all the time is something bookworms would love. But the problem with the YotaPhone is not only was it limited to Android, it also meant having to buy a new phone, even if you were already an Android user. iPhone users, on the other hand, were out of luck. Now, however, they have fighting chance with the InkCase i7 finally launching on Kickstarter.

Let's not sugar coat words here. The InkCase i7 is really just a case for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that has an e-ink screen on its back that communicates with the iPhone via Bluetooth. But calling it "just" doesn't really do it justice, given the things you can supposedly use it for.

The InkCase lets you choose a static image to have on display all the time, like a wallpaper that will never be blocked by app icons. You can also have less static but not always changing information displayed there as widgets, things like time, calendars, and todos. And, of course, there's the ever so useful ebook reader so you won't get bored but also not worry about your phone's battery life.

One rather interesting, and amusing, use case that the InkCase i7 is proposing is using the e-ink screen for higher quality selfies. And by that, it means using the iPhone's better rear cameras and using the InkCase screen as the live preview. Of course that's going to be a low resolution, high latency live preview, but creators Oaxis claims it's still better than a low quality selfie from the front cam.

Of course, the InkCase i7 is also a case, one that is dust and waterproof with an IP67 rating. It also protects the iPhone 7 itself from a few accidental drops and bumps but it won't completely protect the iPhone's screen. As interesting as it might sound, the InkCase i7 is still an ongoing Kickstarter campaign, but one that is quickly garnering support and pledges in no time flat.

VIA: Kickstarter