INgSOC Hybrid Bike Has No Chain, Looks Painful

If Bumblebee was ever in a pinch and needed to turn into a bicycle to hide from the Decipticons, the INgSOC is the bike he would turn into. This thing looks like it might cut your rear end off if you sit on it. The bike uses no chain and has three modes of operation. The bike has battery-power mode, battery assist mode, and battery charge mode.

The battery charge mode will recharge the battery for the bike when the rider is pedaling. The battery-power mode will scoot the rider along with no effort, and the battery assist mode makes pedaling a bit easier when you feel lazy. The frame of the bike is said to be made from a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer.

The battery on the bike also powers the headlight and taillight plus an iPhone dock for your smartphone. Rather than chains, the bike uses what appear to be friction wheels to push the tires a long. There is no word on a price or if the product will leave the concept stage.

[via Inhabitat]