Infinity Blade 2 from Epic Games coming December 1st to iOS devices

With the iPhone 4S having been updated to the Apple A5 dual-core processor like the iPad 2 features having up to 7x better graphics performance you can bet we'll be seeing some simply amazing games coming soon. Just for a tease Apple has shown a bit of the graphics prowess we can expect on iOS devices with the A5 with the new upcoming release of Infinity Blade 2.

With Infinity Blade 2 we should see amazing graphics never before seen with a mobile device. With amazing special effects, physics, real-time lighting and more. Using features and physics from games such as God of War, we can all expect this game to be stellar. The original Infinity Blade stunned users and mobile gamers everywhere bringing unrivaled graphics and immersive gameplay to iOS devices. The original was the first game to make use of the Unreal Engine 3 for mobile and we can expect even greater things from the next release.

Apple's Game Center has seen continued success thanks to all the popular games. Today they announced that the Apple Game Center has over 67 million active accounts and growing every second. If that isn't a reason to develop games on iOS (as if devs didn't need a reason anyways) I don't know what is. Infinity Blade 2 will hit the App Store on December 1st so be ready to snatch it up and enjoy mobile gaming like never before.