Infiniti offers free wireless Apple CarPlay upgrade for some vehicles

Given a choice between having to connect a wire to your smartphone to enjoy Apple CarPlay or being able to send content from your smartphone to a vehicle infotainment system without wires, pretty much everyone would choose wireless. Infiniti has announced an upgrade that vehicle owners who want to ditch the wires will really appreciate. Infiniti is offering a free upgrade for most 2020 and newer vehicles it produces that adds wireless CarPlay to the vehicle.

The free upgrade can be completed at any Infiniti dealership in the US and is available for the 2020 and 2021 Q50, Q60, QX50, and QX80. Infiniti says it's offering the free update to owners of those vehicles because customer satisfaction is one of its top priorities. Wireless CarPlay is a feature the automaker offered at no cost because it says more than 80 percent of luxury vehicle owners use Apple products.

Wireless CarPlay was introduced by Infiniti with the new 2022 QX55 in the spring of this year. The feature came to the QX80 as well, and future models will come from the factory with the feature. The new models getting wireless CarPlay include the 2022 Q50, Q60, and QX60.

Infiniti owners do have a limited amount of time to claim the free upgrade. The automaker says the complimentary wireless CarPlay update is available until March 31, 2022, which is approximately five months. Users will need an appointment to have the update applied.

It's unclear exactly how long the upgrade will take. It's also not clear if this is a software-only update or if new hardware is required to add the feature.