Infinite Grande Speakers - A name like that can only come from Wisdom

I'm going a little deaf. I'm not ashamed to admit it, I just can't help it. I love to listen to my music on 'eardrum shattering' volumes. I'm not the only one out there who does, don't judge me.

Speakers that can produce pressure levels in excess of 120dB sounds pretty nice. I just wish I had a place to put them. The entire Infinite Grande system weighs 3,800lbs and stands 13ft tall. The subwoofer towers hold twenty-four 12in woofers and it'll all set you back a cool $700,000.

If that's a bit too much for your pocket, Wisdom has an "affordable line" and is actually just about to release a new speaker dubbed the Sage for $10,000. Is it just me or is the "affordable line" a little unaffordable for the average person?

In time for Xmas, Wisdom's $700,000 Infinite Grande Speakers! [via Crave]