Infinit brings their file transfer software to iOS & Android

Email, cloud storage links, AirDrop, NFC — file storage transfer is a pain. Though effective most of the time, those methods aren't effective all the time. There's a better way (I promise). Already available for OS X and Windows, the Infinit file transfer service is also going to be available for iOS and Android, starting today. With a few taps, you can take your files — any size or type — and shuffle them to other devices. The transfer doesn't compress file sizes, and once initiated, can't be killed by loss of signal.

Via a unique point-to-point technology, Infinit connects your devices via a backend service. All you need to do is download Infinit on all your devices and get transferring. Video, photos, even entire folders are sent and received with a few clicks. You can send files to anyone using Infinit, too.

I've been an Infinit user for some time and have been beta testing the iOS version since it came available. There really is nothing that comes close to beating it. For smaller files or batches, transfers are instant. I routinely take pics with my iPhone, then transfer to the desktop using Infinit. It's much handier and faster than using cloud storage as go-between.

Editor's note: We asked about an iPad version, and the Infinit team told us one was in testing. They're redesigning it a touch, and plan to focus on it after today's launch of the iPhone and Android version.

Without a compression algorithm, Infinit really shines. Take a video or photo, and it sends as-is.

Infinit's transfer happens via point-to-point, so if your connection is jeopardized, the transfer simply pauses. Files are encrypted using bank-level algorithms like AES-256, so there's little concern of your stuff being compromised, and there's no cloud conduit to bounce off of, so nothing ever gets between the start and end point of your file transfers.

Unlimited, uncompressed, and totally secure file transfer. Infinit is also free to download and use, so you'll probably want to click the links below, right?


Source: Infinit

Download: iTunes, Google Play