Indiegogo launches 'Generosity' charity site, adds nonprofits

Last December, Indiegogo launched a variation of its crowdfunding platform called "Indiegogo Life", which was dedicated toward charity types: non-profits, those raising funds for medical issues, and the like. On Wednesday, Indiegogo made a somewhat significant change to Life that better narrowed the focus on what it's all about: it changed the site's name to "Generosity". Generosity has its own domain, and it has been expanded to include nonprofits.

When Indiegogo Life launched, its was billed as a website for personal projects, such as a personal effort to raise funds for some cause. That aspect remains with "Generosity", but Indiegogo has expanded the site to include nonprofit causes, as well. As before, fundraising on Generosity is free of fees, making it more appealing than the regular Indiegogo site.

The rebranding and expansion helps further define the difference between and its charity counterpart — that distinction wasn't entirely clear before, and many campaigns that belonged on Life would find their way onto the regular platform.

To kick things off, Generosity has arrived with a handful of nonprofits in place: Positive Planet, which is helping Syrian refugees, Khan Academy Lite, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and Project Scientist. Existing campaigns on Indiegogo Life were automatically ported over to Generosity.

SOURCE: Venture Beat